Wirex Halloween Contest winners

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​#WickedWirex Halloween Competition

November 6, 2017 12:10 pm Published by

As Halloween makes way for the festive Christmas season, it’s time to announce our 3 winners for the #WickedWirex competition!

We had some truly crazy, ridiculous and inventive Halloween outfits but we had to choose 3! As always, thank you to everyone who participated and keep your eyes peeled for more competitions in the near future!

We sent $30 USD of bitcoin to our favorite 3:

Star Wars at Halloween was BOUND to catch our eyes. Princess Leia and Lando Calrissian done right! Nice job!

Lando and Leia. Now, Han is really Solo?. #starwars #halloween #WickedWirex

A post shared by Reggie Watkins (@reggiewatkinsjr) on

User: Reggiewatkinsjr

Zombie apocalypse?! Perhaps one day. :O

Halloween 2017 ? #wickedwirex

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User: Michelangelo_caputo

This unique post brings the child out in all of us, admit it! Terrifying all the same!

Who doesn’t like some toy story? #wickedwirex

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Thanks so much to everyone who entered. Make sure you Subscribe to our youtube channel and follow us on facebook and twitter so you don’t miss our next competition!

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