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7 Top Reasons People Uninstall The Wirex App

July 25, 2017 11:23 am Published by

Hundreds of people install the Wirex app every day.

A few of them uninstall the app almost instantly… ?

Some complain about time-outs during bitcoin currency exchange… ?

Others have trouble with the verification process… ?

Or their plastic card doesn’t get delivered “fast enough” ?

…And sometimes the blockchain fee (not a Wirex fee) jumps up to a few dollars and people complain on forums that ‘Wirex exchange rate is 20%’…

They fail to mention they only attempted to exchange $10, so the $2 represents 20%.

And again: it’s not a Wirex fee. It’s a blockchain fee paid to the ‘miners’ who run bitcoin software. See our FAQ on blockchain fees.


At times…

…we get such a large influx of new users…

  • because of an ad campaign, or
  • because an industry influencer mentioned Wirex to their amazing network, or
  • because Wirex is featured in news coverage, or
  • because the price of bitcoin spikes and everyone plus their grandma Googles “how to buy bitcoin” and they find the Wirex site…

bitcoin searches

At times like these our support team gets flooded with new customer queries, for:

  • Account verification issues (some people think we can accept a photo of their dog as proof of personal identity)
  • Bitcoin price issues (complaints that the value of the bitcoin went down since the previous day, not realizing that it’s price is naturally volatile and nothing to do with Wirex)
  • Plus all of the ‘weird and wonderful’ issues that happen from time to time because of the nature of leading-edge app development for modern blockchain technology.

Some people are confused by the app and can’t figure out how to use it for money transfer… or how to use it to buy bitcoin… etc.

(we’re working to improve user experience every day)

And some are just concerned about the app wallet security.

So that’s the top 7 reasons people uninstall Wirex:

  1. Time-outs during bitcoin exchange process
  2. Problems logging in
  3. Verification process takes too long
  4. The app is confusing to use (depending on level of bitcoin knowledge)
  5. The exchange rate is ‘too high’
  6. Support takes too long to respond
  7. Wallet security

Is the solution to add new support agents?

We’re actually adding new support agents every month because of our incredible growth rate as the world adopts bitcoin and discovers Wirex.

Many customers realize that other bitcoin mobile banking and card providers look pretty on the outside but have major fail points.

And, although our support can sometimes become slow; our verification process, financial backing and wallet security is rock-solid.

It seems that old customers are coming back to Wirex, because they soon realize it’s better to stick with a company with a long history and new investment funds from financial institutions, rather than opt for unproven newbies in the market.

However: we do recognize the issues and concerns of our customers, and that’s why we’re expanding in key areas of service, doing so in a cost effective way so that we can continue to offer the best rates possible.

Ongoing improvement projects include:

  • App design changes so it becomes more intuitive to use — even for total bitcoin newbies.
  • Faster and bigger server processing capacity to reduce those frustrating time-outs.
  • Visual user guides and educational content to help our customers make the most of personal financial management in this new era of digital money.
  • New feedback features inside the app to let us know the moment you recognise an opportunity to help us improve.
  • More staff agents trained across all languages that are app is translated into.
  • And more under wraps that we’ll reveal in the coming weeks and months.


We understand time-outs or delivery delays for plastic cards etc can be frustrating.

Sometimes it’s about phone settings, or delivery address details, or country specific regulatory issues (angry emoji).

For instance, the EU recently changed all prepaid bank card limits and then changed it back again… This caused major disruption in our product and customer support teams.

We ask all of our valued customers to work with us via the new feedback features being introduced into the app, and to give our support team support some extra patience during the most busy times.

The fees to use Wirex are incredibly fair given the investment we’re making into the future of mobile bitcoin banking that will continue to serve you better and better as the world adopts bitcoin.

And we aim to make you so happy with Wirex that you are completely confident to recommend us to your friends and family (even Aunt Mary who only just got a smartphone last Christmas).

Bitcoin is simple with Wirex.

Some bitcoin banking companies will most certainly close for business in the next few years.

Wirex is here to stay thanks to our three-year history of success, our loyal and cherished customers, and new financial investors who want to see Wirex become a household name for bitcoin powered payment cards, and so much more.

Our motto:

“Bitcoin Is Simple For Everyone”

New app updates are released several times each month. If you recently un-installed due to a time-out or feature problem, it might already be solved, or will be in the next release.

If you were a little confused by the app, stay with us and you’ll soon be given free access to beautiful new User Guides that will teach you everything you could possibly want to know about making the most of bitcoin.

If you’re interested in becoming part of an insider customer community where you’ll find out the new features we have planned for release, let us know.

Welcome to Wirex, thank you, and congratulations for being an early-adopter of bitcoin banking.

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