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The 8 Rules of Bitcoin Club

September 19, 2017 6:17 pm Published by

Based on the popular movie ‘Fight Club’ starring Brad Pitt, we thought it would be fun to introduce the rules for the Bitcoin Club.

1st RULE: You own at least SOME bitcoin at all times.

2nd RULE: You own at least some bitcoin at ALL times.

3rd RULE: Only sell bitcoin because you want to spend the money now (save the rest for long-term profit).

4th RULE: Buy small amounts of bitcoin regularly to accumulate more.

5th RULE: Wait for people to ask you about Bitcoin, don’t force it on them.

6th RULE: You happily share why you are interested in bitcoin (ask if they’ve heard of it, tell them you’ve been learning about it, and then send some cool content).

7th RULE: When you sell or spend your bitcoin, you do so with a reputable provider, because you’ve heard of way too many scams and you’d rather be safe than lose your bitcoins.

8th RULE: Stay up to date about bitcoin personal finance (because it is our future).

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