9 types of Wirex users

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9 types of Wirex customers and why they use our services

May 17, 2017 3:33 pm Published by

Here are 9 lifestyle situations that are bringing people all over the world to use Wirex for mobile banking, prepaid debit cards, and bitcoin exchange.

Which one (or more) do you fit into?

1. Investors in Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency investors use to diversify their investment portfolio. They can hold bitcoin in their Wirex mobile wallet and exchange bitcoin with USD, GBP, or EUR.

2. Travellers for leisure

The convenience of being able to travel the world without worrying about transferring money internationally is precisely why customers turn to using Wirex money exchange, with the ability to withdraw funds internationally with low fees. If you’ve ever travelled long-term, you know how important that plastic debit card is at all times. Wirex brings that peace of mind to thousands of globe-trotters who can load their card with various funding options and withdraw at a local ATM.

3. Travellers for Business

Similarly, business travellers want easy access to their money without paying high bank card fees. They also want low withdrawal fees and exchange rates. The Wirex plastic card can be used for purchasing business necessities, as well as withdrawing funds to the local currency from ATMs that accept MasterCard in whatever country they are in.

4. Expatriates who live abroad

Living overseas can be challenging in terms of transferring money internationally. Different countries have various exchange rates. With the Wirex mobile app, remittances are made simpler for expatriates who want to keep ties to their families from abroad or bring larger amounts of money into their new country of residence.

5. Migrant workers

Working overseas can come with various forms of extra stress. On top of that, migrant workers have to deal with the high cost of sending money to their families in their native countries by using bank transfers or traditional money transfer services.

With Wirex, they can buy bitcoin from their earnings and send much-needed funds to their family overseas, who can then withdraw bitcoin or load their own Wirex card with USD, GBR, or EUR and spend money on whatever they want.

6. Parents of students studying overseas

Parents rest better at night knowing they can instantly and cheaply transfer extra cash to their children via bitcoin transfer with their Wirex account. Their children withdraw the funds to their card with low cost and spend money on school supplies, tuition or food.

7. Business owners

Brick and mortar and e-commerce business owners have two issues to contend with: payroll and accepting payments online. Freelancers and employees can be paid with ease using Wirex person-to-person bitcoin transfer. Customers that purchase from e-commerce websites will have another option to purchase goods that reduce costs and minimise delays in transactions.

8. Freelancers that work with clients worldwide

Freelancing is made tougher when receiving payments from clients worldwide. This is compounded with the high fees of PayPal and other services. Freelancers are using their Wirex wallet to get paid directly in bitcoin from clients, and instantly convert and load their Wirex virtual or plastic payment cards.

9. Underserved individuals

Another large group of Wirex users are those considered ‘underserved’ by the traditional banking system. These are people in areas of lower economic development who may not have access to bank accounts. Rather than using large amounts of local cash to make certain transactions such as for cars or equipment, they are doing instant peer-to-peer bitcoin transfers using the Wirex mobile wallet and using virtual payment cards for USD purchases online.

Far from a complete list, the above 9 lifestyle types show how important the bitcoin economy is for many many people already. To date, Wirex has over 500,000 registered users and hundreds more are joining our community every day.

It’s easy to create an account. Register online or install the free mobile app.

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