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And the winner is…

October 1, 2018 4:48 pm Published by

At the start of September, Wirex teamed up with trade news outlet Crypto Disrupt to donate 20 ETH to a charity chosen by our users. After an overwhelming number of nominations, we are delighted to announce that a winner has been chosen.

Congratulations to crypto-donations platform Kizuna, who have pledged the money to the ongoing earthquake relief effort in the Japanese island of Hokkaido. We’re thrilled to be supporting such a worthy cause.

Kizuna is a non-profit organisation that promotes swift, secure charitable donations using digital currencies. It utilises QR codes to allow people to make donations in the knowledge that their money won’t be diluted by middlemen and transfer fees.

The platform’s founder, Mai Fujimoto, is a crypto-enthusiast and influencer who was inspired to start Kizuna by her belief that “blockchain would have a greater impact on the world than the internet revolution”, thanks to its borderless capabilities.

“Making donations across borders using fiat currencies was quite expensive. Companies charge a large fee to make overseas transactions,” explains Fujimoto. “With cryptocurrency, you can make cross-border transfers directly, without using a bank, at almost no cost”.

Benefactors can track how much crypto has been donated to any given cause using the Kizuna platform – from there, they are able to follow the progress of ongoing projects. The causes span the developing world, placing special emphasis on countries that have been set back by war and internal conflict. Two of the most notable are a non-profit that redistributes musical instruments to underprivileged kids in Kenya and an IT and leadership school for young people in Syria.

Congratulations to Kizuna from everyone at Wirex and Crypto Disrupt.

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