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Recipe for launching a successful ICO

This year alone, we have been flooded with a sea of new Initial Coin Offering’s (ICO’s) entering the crypto market. Whilst some are promising, most seem to be rushed and released to the public to gain a quick buck; No clear intention of where they might be heading in the future. ICO sales are notoriously… View Article

Gold vs USD vs Bitcoin - who wins?
​USD, Gold, or Bitcoin? Which is best?

Hundreds of years ago, money took the form of precious metals, like Gold or Silver. Today, we think of money, as the paper that comes from the bank, like the United States dollar (USD) or the Great British Pound (GBP). But with what’s happening in Venezuela and Zimbabwe, could this be just the start of… View Article

Piggy-bank being smashed with hammer
A brief lesson on money

You know that thing everyone is chasing these days? The thing that everyone has stuffed inside wallets or in magical plastic cards? Everyone wants a lot of it. No one can live without it. We’re talking about money. Have you ever wondered what makes a thin piece of paper (or plastic in some places) more valuable than… View Article

pick your next crypto investment
How to pick your next crypto investment (plus Wirex picks for 2018)

Last year we witnessed a massive swarm of newcomers into the crypto market – new ICOs, new tokens, new investors left right and center. Every day, we’re seeing more media coverage. We’re hearing more people talk about it. The community has grown tenfold, and it’s not going to be slowing down in 2018. We definitely won’t… View Article

cryptokitties wirex
Cryptokitties Review… immortal kittens on the Blockchain

It started as an office joke… When we first heard about cryptokitties we thought it was ridiculous. The idea that a virtual kitten could outlive us all (and stay cute forever)… because it exists on the blockchain… We all laughed at the idea… WHAT was all this hype about? People were going absolutely mental and it was… View Article

bitcoin price misconceptions
3 Biggest misconceptions of Bitcoin pricing

Bitcoin is like a temperamental teen adolescent. Up one moment and the life of the party. Then down the next… and we’re all holding our breath walking on eggshells. Feeling misunderstood, misinterpreted and unappreciated. Ironically, so is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is extremely volatile, and when it comes to trading bitcoin, people often misunderstand, misinterpret and miscalculate…. View Article

It’s Bitcoin against the world, until … the atomic swap

The crypto world has astronomically imploded this year and all this digital cash business is all we hear about. First came bitcoin, followed by over 850 other so called cryptocurrencies (a.k.a “bitcoin wannabes”). Let’s take a step back for a second… It’s always been about the bitcoin – with over 50% of the total market… View Article