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A big thank you from us

May 4, 2018 4:18 pm Published by

At the end of last week, we announced that we’d be having a bit of a party to celebrate the launch of the new Wirex payment cards. An email was sent to all subscribers with a special invite to come down and join us for a drink and some crypto-chat.

The event hit capacity in less than than 12 hours, and of course, we were delighted! We’ve teamed up with Showtime Photo Booth and will have one of their animated GIF photo booth for everyone to snap and share their favourite selfies of the night!


At Wirex, we do what we do for you, our users – first and foremost. To receive such a response showed that it’s clearly working and we couldn’t be happier about that.

An Evolving Platform

Everyone here is dedicated to making our product the best it can be, a full-service, fully-integrated, multi-currency, crypto-friendly personal finance management platform through a process of continuous improvement. We’re already working on the next big features that’ll inject some oomph into your Wirex user experience and they’ll be hitting an operating system near you very soon.

Crypto is our bread and butter, where our roots lie. We’re committed to bettering this experience for you die-hard crypto-enthusiasts, as well as making it accessible to those of you who are slightly sceptical or yet to get started with crypto. New currencies will be making their way into the app before long, giving you the opportunity to expand your portfolio under one roof, or dip your toe in the crypto waters for the first time! That said, ultimately, we want to develop a congenial space where both crypto and fiat currencies can exist and be interchanged easily.

We’re over the moon that you’re all loving it so far and hope you’re as excited as us about what’s to come. And as for the party – we’re doing our very best to increase the capacity so more of you can celebrate with us.

We’ll keep you posted on progress but in the meantime, thanks for your support. Keep using and enjoying the app and we’ll continue to bring you the best, industry-leading platform possible.

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