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Pay A Visit To Camden And Pay With Bitcoin

February 23, 2018 10:24 am Published by

Based in Camden, La Porca serves up some seriously indulgent wraps, burgers and salads filled with BBQ pulled pork in their signature sauce.


However, unlike your average food joint, La Porca accepts payment in bitcoin.


I chatted with Neelima at La Porca about why she made the decision to accept bitcoin and her views on what the future holds for cryptocurrencies.


Back in 2014, when bitcoin had only been around for 5 years, La Porca began accepting bitcoin (valued then at around $500). This move was inspired by Neelima’s personal interest in the blockchain technology which underlies the cryptocurrency itself. The ease and straightforwardness of setting up a bitcoin wallet and the transactions attracted her most to making this business move.


Whilst now the transaction fees are not as low as they were back in 2014, the speed and ease of the payment, as well as growing adoption of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, make this option very much still viable. From a business point of view, Neelima noted that “some credit card transactions could take up to two days” to come through whereas the bitcoin transfers are much faster. Showing that bitcoin can work as a currency with which to purchase goods strengthens the case for crypto’s longevity and perhaps a move away from fiat currency.


There does not seem to be plans to stop with just bitcoin acceptance, either. With over 1,200 alt-coins in existence, it would be impractical to try accepting all cryptos; however, with some coins showing great potential, acceptance of them could prove a worthy venture. In Neelima’s opinion, Monero (XMR) and Stellar (XLM) are both ones to watch as rivals to bitcoin, and she hopes to start accepting both coins at La Porca in the future.


Would you like to see more businesses accepting crypto as a payment method? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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