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Bitcoin Sign Guy Shows Us The Strength Of Bitcoin Community

July 24, 2017 7:26 pm Published by Wirex Team

The Internet has been ablaze with mentions of the “bitcoin sign guy” who has received over $18,000 in donations from bitcoin aficionados all over the world. He’s been called a “messiah”, “hero” and a “legend” and he rose to fame about two weeks ago while being conveniently positioned a few feet behind Janet Yellen in a congressional meeting. At the precise moment where the transparency of the US Federal Reserve was being questioned, he held up a yellow legal pad with the words BUY BITCOIN written on it.

This seemingly innocent gesture was not met with thanks from staff at the meeting and bitcoin sign guy and his friend were soon asked to leave, but the work had already been done.

As it turned out, he is friends with a cryptocurrency trader named CryptoEthan and before long, a follow-up image of bitcoin sign guy was shared with the Twitterverse with the inclusion of a bitcoin address. It was then that donations for his valiant efforts started pouring in. At the time of writing this, as per, he has received 731 donations to the value of 6.96166471 BTC. That’s just under $19,000 at the current rate of exchange. Not bad going for a harmless celebrity jaunt!

His timing couldn’t have been more perfect. He stole the thunder from the world’s biggest Federal Reserve Bank in those moments of glory at the same time as raising more awareness about the very real transparency of the blockchain and bitcoin system. This contrast was made especially clear when concerns about the Federal Bank refusing to be audited were being discussed. But oh… hang on, “BUY BITCOIN!”

Not only has bitcoin sign guy received an influx of bitcoin, but his bravery also led to him getting a new job. Kudos to him! This exercise showcases once more how strong and supportive the bitcoin community is as it’s not the first time something of this nature has happened. When transparency is a major player in your investment portfolio, there is nothing to hide… and perhaps that attracts good, decent human beings.

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