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Is Asian crypto enthusiasm just speculation?
Following Wirex and Stellar's report into crypto usage, we explore crypto attitudes in the Asia Pacific region.
Mar 4, 2021Marija Riba
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Why are Stablecoins Safer than Traditional Payment Methods?
Cryptocurrency is known for its volatility, but stablecoins offer a solution to price fluctuations while retaining the security and safety of crypto.
Feb 25, 2021Dom Simon
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A New Generation of Crypto Enthusiasts
Research shows that Bitcoin isn't just for younger generations, older age groups are beginning to invest in cryptocurrency and recognise the benefits.
Feb 18, 2021Sophie Morris
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What Americans are Buying Bitcoin? And Why?
Wirex's US Managing Director explores the changing crypto attitudes in USA and how the demographic of Bitcoin buyers is starting to shift.
Feb 17, 2021Harold Montgomery
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The Real Use for Stablecoins
Following the results from the Stellar Report, Wirex discusses the future for crypto stablecoins and the benefits they present for different payments.
Feb 15, 2021Ben Lovell-Viggers
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Female Technophobia: It’s a Myth
Following the Wirex and Stellar report, we look into the myths surrounding women in the crypto sphere and how mass adoption is on the rise.
Feb 8, 2021Lottie Wells
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Banking, Crypto & Cross-Border Payments
Following Wirex and Stellar's report, we look into how crypto could help lower the cost of cross-border payments and overseas transactions.
Feb 1, 2021Martin Best
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Will 2021 be a Significant Year for Crypto?
A recent study by Wirex and Stellar shows that mass crypto adoption could soon be a reality, with 2021 being a pivotal year for cryptocurrency.
Jan 29, 2021Wirex Team
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2021: The Year of Crypto?
Read Wirex and the Stellar Development Foundation's latest research report about crypto adoption, attitudes and spending habits.
Dec 21, 2020Wirex Team
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