Bitcoin bubble
Bitcoin’s Value Surge Quiets Critics, More Still to Prove

In the world of cryptocurrency, bitcoin is all people are talking about as of late. That’s largely due to its rise in value, which now makes it more valuable than one of the world’s most precious metals. The price has soared mightily, surpassing the price of gold. Bitcoin’s value gains has put a renewed focus… View Article

Bitcoin security measures
Bitcoin Ransomware Cyber-Attack — Is It Over?

On early Saturday morning, May 13, 2017, news broke that an NSA-derived ransomware worm — known as WannaCry or WCry — had been shutting down computers worldwide. At the time of the report, at least 75,000 computers had been affected by WCry, with Russia taking the brunt of the attacks. The worm was eventually stopped… View Article

Bitcoin lock and privacy
Bitcoin Is Not as Private as You Might Think

Bitcoin has often been portrayed as an anonymous payment network. However, in reality, Bitcoin is perhaps the most transparent payment network in the world and is therefore not as private as most might think it is.

bitcoin investment info
Cryptocurrency Investors: ETF Closer to Reality Than You Think

The growing popularity of bitcoin is driving the overall interest in cryptocurrencies higher as investors from around the world flock to it in pursuit of hefty returns. One of the offshoots that are seeing more investor interest is the Ethereum blockchain. Moves are being made to create an exchange traded fund (ETF). If this effort… View Article

Bitcoin and Ethereum soar
Bitcoin & Ethereum Exploding

For the first time ever Bitcoin is almost touching US $2400, Ethereum has surpassed US $200, and the combined market capitalization of all digital currencies hits an all-time high of almost US $87 billion. Bitcoin is up some 5%, Ripple is up 13% and Ethereum is also up 11% as of the time of writing…. View Article

Wirex Visa card
New virtual and plastic Visa cards now available

We are pleased to announce the introduction of new Visa prepaid cards. All Wirex Visa cardholders will benefit from new direct card-to-card transfer features that we are preparing to offer very soon. Existing customers with a plastic Wirex MasterCard can receive a FREE plastic Visa card replacement: First, visit the Order Card page inside your… View Article

9 types of Wirex users
9 Types of Wirex Customers and Why They Use Our Services

Here are 9 lifestyle situations that are bringing people all over the world to use Wirex for mobile banking, prepaid debit cards, and bitcoin exchange. Which one (or more) do you fit into? 1. Investors in Bitcoin Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency investors use to diversify their investment portfolio. They can hold bitcoin in… View Article

Your Car May Soon Be Powered By Bitcoin

Receiving bitcoin through your car will be possible in the near future. AT&T (global telephony) has filed for a patent to make payments using Bitcoin via your vehicle. The patent titled ‘Vehicle System with System Report Generation and Methods for Use Within’ will help push Bitcoin into everyday use for car drivers. Until now, Bitcoin adoption has been ‘slow… View Article