Bitcoin lifestlye
The Bitcoin Lifestyle

  Millions of people worldwide love bitcoin, the best performing currency in 2015 and 2016. You may have spotted a ‘Bitcoin Accepted Here’ sign in cafe’s, bars and restaurants — or even in small towns!   Wirex users spend their bitcoin with our app and payment cards at: Tiffanny & Co. The Ritz Carlton Hotel… View Article

Bitcoin prediction
The Future of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has had a stellar 2017 so far, to say the least. On the back of a streak of new all-time highs in the past six months alone, the price of bitcoin has set yet another record when it surpassed $3,000 for the first time ever at around 5:00 P.M. (UTC) on June 11, 2017,… View Article

customer notice
Customer Notice for Unverified Accounts

Due to a change in European Union Regulation 648/2012, known as the 4th Money Laundering Directive, your unverified Wirex account will have the following limits as of 26th June: Total card balance for all of your cards combined can not exceed 250 (GBP, EUR, or USD) at any time Cards can not be used to… View Article

Blockchain Fee
App Update – Blockchain Fee Now Visible!

One of the most popular topics in recent weeks is about the blockchain fee. What is it? How much is it? Who earns it? First, in this week’s app update, (along with other improvements and bug fixes) we’re re-introducing a line on the transfer screen to show the blockchain fee for each transaction: Is the… View Article

Bitcoin bubble
Bitcoin’s Value Surge Quiets Critics, More Still to Prove

In the world of cryptocurrency, bitcoin is all people are talking about as of late. That’s largely due to its rise in value, which now makes it more valuable than one of the world’s most precious metals. The price has soared mightily, surpassing the price of gold. Bitcoin’s value gains has put a renewed focus… View Article

Bitcoin security measures
Bitcoin Ransomware Cyber-Attack — Is It Over?

On early Saturday morning, May 13, 2017, news broke that an NSA-derived ransomware worm — known as WannaCry or WCry — had been shutting down computers worldwide. At the time of the report, at least 75,000 computers had been affected by WCry, with Russia taking the brunt of the attacks. The worm was eventually stopped… View Article

Bitcoin lock and privacy
Bitcoin Is Not as Private as You Might Think

Bitcoin has often been portrayed as an anonymous payment network. However, in reality, Bitcoin is perhaps the most transparent payment network in the world and is therefore not as private as most might think it is.

bitcoin investment info
Cryptocurrency Investors: ETF Closer to Reality Than You Think

The growing popularity of bitcoin is driving the overall interest in cryptocurrencies higher as investors from around the world flock to it in pursuit of hefty returns. One of the offshoots that are seeing more investor interest is the Ethereum blockchain. Moves are being made to create an exchange traded fund (ETF). If this effort… View Article