Steering clear of scams

Region: Europe
Jun 13, 2019, 4:18:06 PM Published By Wirex Team

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As a largely-unregulated market, cryptocurrency has its fair share of scams and fraudulent projects – that’s why it pays to use a reputable, regulated platform like Wirex.

However, since the announcement of WXT, we’ve noticed an increase in the number of scammers pretending to be us. These fraudsters will often attempt to gain your wallet address, account passwords and other sensitive information in return for prizes, discounts or crypto ‘airdrops’.

Scams like this can be quite sophisticated. They’ll use Wirex branding and set up social media profiles and instructional videos that can be difficult to distinguish from the real thing. That’s why we’ve assembled a checklist to help you steer clear of crypto hoaxers:

1) Does it sound too good to be true?

If an offer sounds to good to be true (free Bitcoin giveaway, 1000% discount etc.), it almost certainly isn’t legitimate. Stay away!

2) Have you double-checked on the official Wirex channels?

Whether it’s partnerships, competitions, promotions, new releases or important updates, if it’s not on our website it’s a scam.

Our official social channels are:

Even if something appears on our social channels, always double-check that it is present on the official website –

3) Have you been asked to send funds to unlock a prize or solve a problem?

You will never be required to send us money in order to take part in any Wirex promotion or competition. We do not hold airdrops and we will never ask you to send us any kind of currency in order to solve problems with your account. If in doubt, contact our Support Team.

4) Have you been asked to provide your wallet addresses, Wirex password or other sensitive information?

Wirex will never ask you to provide wallet addresses, passwords, bank details or other sensitive information. If someone does, disregard and contact the Support Team.

5) Were you contacted via Private Message?

Fraudsters will often make contact through private or direct messages on social platforms like Telegram. This is a dead give-away: we will never send you unsolicited direct messages unless you have raised an issue or query with us first. If we do reply to you with a direct message, we will never ask you for your account details, wallet address, passwords or any other sensitive information about your account. At most, we’ll request your customer support ticket number. Nothing else!

6) Are you certain the page you’re looking at is actually Wirex?

Fraudsters are capable of creating very sophisticated and convincing imitations of Wirex web pages, social media channels and even videos. Always check the URL – if it’s not our official website ( or one of the social channels listed above, it’s fake.

We remove fake pages and sites down as soon as we’re aware of them, so we’re always keen to hear about anything dodgy you’ve come across. Contact Support if you suspect the site or social profile you’re looking at is fraudulent.

Alongside this checklist, there are a number of measures you can take to stay as safe as possible online, including enabling Two-Factor Authentication and regularly changing your password. Check out our guide to staying safe in the digital age or learn more about Two-Factor Authentication here.

Stay safe Wirexers!