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How to Buy Bitcoins with Wirex

November 11, 2017 3:22 pm Published by

Want to buy bitcoin on your mobile phone?

Of course you do.

With Wirex you can.

1. Install and Verify your Wirex account.

To verify your account, you will need to send us a copy of your ID, as well as proof of address. This is to ensure the security of our platform, and of your money.

2. Navigate to your in-app bitcoin wallet.

You can use this address to receive bitcoin from anyone, anywhere. But now, you can also purchase bitcoin directly on the app. To do this, click ‘Add funds’.

3. Choose ‘add card’ and enter your details.

The card you use must be 3D secure. As long as it is, it can be from any bank.

4. Confirm the billing address.

Make sure it is the billing address for your card. This is just like any other online purchase.

5. Choose exactly how much bitcoin you want to buy in your chosen currency.

On this screen, you can enter the amount of USD, GBP or EUR that you want to spend, as long as it is under your weekly limit. You will be shown exactly how much bitcoin you will receive for this amount.

6. Tap pay when you are happy, and congratulations!

You have just joined the financial revolution by purchasing bitcoin directly on your mobile phone.

It really is that easy.

Want to purchase bitcoin on desktop? You can also do on our desktop app.

If you haven’t yet registered, do it now! Verification is swift, and you will be able to buy bitcoin in no time. 🙂

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