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Cash out your Altcoins without withdrawing to your local bank

December 24, 2017 10:16 am Published by

Once you see the explosive potential of cryptocurrency altcoins and ICO tokens, the only reason to cash out for fiat is to pay for a lavish crypto lifestyle.

Saving money in fiat simply doesn’t make sense any more.

But being able to spend fiat makes a LOT of sense.

At least for me.

By diversifying my hard earned money into altcoins, I receive an easy appreciation of value.

And when it comes time to buy something ‘in the real world’, I can instantly convert most of those altcoins for fiat currency with Wirex.

My Wirex card is funded and I’m good to go. The satisfaction of paying a restaurant bill using altcoin profits puts a subtle smile on my face every time.

Just as if I had bought US Dollars with my British Pounds, waited a while for the value of dollars to go up, and then sold them back for British Pounds to spend living the Vida Loca here in London.

Over 30 altcoins are convertible on Wirex. Ether, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, XEM, and so on.

Sooooo much better than selling for fiat on a trading exchange and waiting days for an expensive bank transfer withdrawal.

It also helps save on bitcoin blockchain transfer fees. Fund your Wirex account with bitcoin by sending and converting altcoins in one simple step.

The bitcoin is instantly available for exchange whenever you want to buy something in fiat with your Wirex card.

Is it a Dash Debit Card?

Is it an Ether Debit Card?

Is it a Litecoin Debit Card?

Is it a Monero Debit Card?

The Wirex payment card works anywhere Visa is accepted.

Yes, yes and yes.

Login to your Wirex account, click to ‘add funds’ and see all of the cryptocurrencies currently convertible on Wirex.

Notable Replies

  • Tony

    Unfortunately, you’re still get hit by the huge Bitcoin transaction fee.

    I used LTC to fund my Wirex account recently. I took note of the LTC/BTC exchange rate and then sent LTC to the provided address. The equivalent value I received in Bitcoin was about $40 less than the amount sent. At that time, transaction fee cost was around $40 per transaction.

    Oh the irony! I only used LTC to avoid Bitcoin transaction fees! >.<

    As the Bitcoin network is currently overloaded and in fact “stuck”, I’m waiting anxiously for Wirex to implement native Alt-Wallets (gotta love DASH), which will be funded directly with altcoins. Until then, I’m forced to have the Wirex cards on my desk instead of in my pocket :frowning:

  • raphael.shalaby

    Hope you’ve enjoyed the new Litecoin Wallet!!

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