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Community Update – July (New App Features, Scheduled Maintenance & More)

July 26, 2017 10:00 am Published by Wirex Team

In today’s big update:

  • New app versions released today!
  • MasterCard migration to Visa complete (no more Wirex MasterCard)
  • 48-Hour Downtime From July 31st for SegWit Upgrade
  • New ways to stay fully informed about bitcoin
  • Photos and Videos from our customers
  • A look ahead

wirex app
Android Update 2.3

Unlock the app with fingerprint, how exciting!

New designs for the welcome journey and dashboard

Scan QR codes to initiate money transfers

Card order status improvements

As always, we’ve addressed some minor bugs to keep your app experience as smooth as possible

iOS Update 2.1.7

Updated Designs throughout the app (for card activation, online payments, and more)

Price now displayed for the card you are looking to order

As always, we’ve addressed some minor bugs to keep your app experience as smooth as possible


MasterCard Migration

As of Saturday 15th July, our old MasterCard cards were discontinued. We sent a few emails to old MasterCard owners in the run up to this but, just in case you didn’t see them, we wanted to make sure it was all clear.

We have moved all of our accounts to Visa cards because of our new card-to-card transfer features which will make it easier and lower cost to send money to friends and family members — coming soon! We always want to make sure you get the best value and we do apologise if the switch caused any inconvenience.

If your old MasterCard was linked to any services (such as Netflix or PayPal) you will need to update with the new Visa details.

We transferred any remaining funds to your Wirex Visa card on Saturday 15th July and created a Visa card if you didn’t already have one. This is ready to be used immediately.


New Ways to Stay Fully Informed

Our goal at Wirex is to bring Bitcoin to the masses, and for you to do it with us. However, it’s a big beast to follow. This is why we spent time working on some top secret, under the hood improvements.

Our new update includes a top-class communication infrastructure. This means we’re now able to keep you completely up to date on bitcoin news and Wirex services with an array of different tools including push messages, in-app messages, huge email improvements and desktop notifications (Don’t worry we won’t throw them at you all at once!). You’ll soon have options to choose the types of message you receive — and I’m sure you’ll want them all! 🙂


Our Growing Community

I want to throw out a massive Thank-You to each and every one of our users — including you! Our community of happy customers is growing fast, with hundreds of you eager to let the world know about Wirex all over the Internet, from blogs, personal twitter accounts, bitcoin discussion forums, and more.

Here’s an AMAZING photo sent in from a customer this week (we don’t know where she is, but we love the view and we love her sandles!) — now published on our Instagram :-).

Inna’s gorgeous photo showing her #bitcoin lifestyle today! (we love the sandles too Inna!)

A post shared by Wirex (@wirexapp) on





And here’s a YouTube video by BTC-Sessions sharing his enthusiasm for Wirex while he travels the globe! Ben didn’t even include his affiliate link under his video, he was authentically sharing Wirex with his own subscribers seeking nothing in return. We love you, Ben! But use your affiliate link so we can reward you with referral commissions!






Interested in sharing Wirex, winning prizes and earning bitcoin?

Rewards will be given for the most creative photos and videos that help share ‘the bitcoin lifestyle’ with Wirex. More details and exact rewards will be announced soon.


48-Hour Downtime From July 31st for SegWit Upgrade

The global blockchain infrastructure is about to receive its biggest software upgrade since the beginning of time… well, since 2009. It’s all very complicated and explained in great detail on our feature article ‘SegWit2x, BIP148, and Wirex’s Contingency Plan’.

The important point is that Wirex will stop processing bitcoin exchange transactions for 48 hours including all of 31st July and 1st August. Processing will resume from 2nd August.

This is simply to ensure that your funds are not exposed to software upgrade glitches that will be taking place globally throughout the bitcoin blockchain community.

As such, be sure that your Wirex payment cards are sufficiently funded for use during those couple of days where your mobile app and desktop account will not be available.


What’s Next for Wirex

We’ve got a lot on the horizon including a brand new website, our own dedicated news channel within the app and a multi-currency wallet, plus lots more!

To conclude, things are moving fast for Wirex and the world of cryptocurrency. If you’re not already involved then now is the time — and if you are already involved, then keep it up. You’re already part of the future.

As always, your feedback means the world to us and helps us to keep improving, and so I’ll leave you with a Wirex promise:

“We listen to each and every person, we value your feedback and we act on what you say. You are the reason we are here.”


Much love,
The Wirex Team

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