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Confessions of a Litecoin enthusiast

April 27, 2018 11:07 am Published by

Finally… as of this week… Litecoin is live on Wirex!

It’s absolutely one of my favourite, favourite, favourite cryptocurrencies.

Personal friends know I own Litecoin — and I think it has a good chance to become a ‘household name’ by 2019.

It’s faster than Bitcoin, cheaper than Bitcoin, ‘lighter’ than Bitcoin.

Litecoin also went up in value about 5x more than Bitcoin in 2017.

5 times!

Just look at this graph on our new Litecoin webpage.

If you haven’t already got the hots for Litecoin, subscribe to our updates and we’ll send you our brand new 2018 Litecoin User Guide hot off the press in a few days’ time (it’s with the editor).

Litecoin’s Future

Rocket science isn’t my kind of thing. Too much maths. Pattern recognition is what I’m good at.

…As a marketer I need to consider mass market consumer trends.

…As a crypto enthusiast and trader, I need to look at innovation in blockchain technology and momentum in the price charts.

Both of these point to Litecoin (and very few other altcoins) having major potential in tomorrow’s ‘digital economy’.

Some believe the opportunity to invest in Bitcoin has passed as the price has ‘already gone too high’.

Well check this chart out.

It shows that adoption of tech like the telephone, lightbulb, motor car, TV, aeroplane, and so on each became ubiquitous over time.

And the global adoption of cryptocurrency, represented by ‘Bitcoin’ is barely at 2%.

Assuming the same degree of adoption, chances are we’re still at the beginning of a cryptocurrency mega-trend.


Because the underlying blockchain technology is so useful to modern digital global industry.

So let’s play the ‘what if’ game…

What if Bitcoin grew to 10% adoption?

Could its $10k value go up another 10 times to reach $100k? Many commentators believe so and some even speculate on prices of $1,000,000.

So what about Litecoin?

The point is… IF you are keen on crypto, AND have an appetite for risk, you may want to ‘hedge your bets’ by diversifying across some of the major coins — including the new addition to the Wirex wallet — Litecoin.

We’ll have more to say about that in the Litecoin User Guide (with a few more crypto wallet integrations being worked on by our ninja Development team right now).

If you’re brand new to crypto, it’s so easy to get started with Wirex. I’m not just saying that. It is. You’ll soon see.

Register an account. Complete the all-important KYC process (it stands for ‘know your customer’ and is a regulatory requirement for consumer protection.)

Then either transfer some money to your new Wirex currency account, or attach an external bank cardto load your account and make an instant exchange into Bitcoin and/or Litecoin.

If you get stuck at all, contact us and we’ll help.

Investment advisors would suggest to ‘diversify’. -As the adage goes, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.  Nevertheless — don’t count your chickens before they hatch. That is, some cryptocurrencies won’t do well. Some will fail miserably, like many did in 2017.

That’s why Wirex is not becoming a ‘trading exchange’ with flashing lights and risky tools for ‘margin trading’ and red/blue buttons to gamble on short-term ‘buy/ sell signals’. No – we’re taking a different approach.

If you want true ownership of your cryptocurrencies, in a secure wallet, with an easy to use mobile app AND desktop account access, why go anywhere else? In fact, no other crypto providers come close to Wirex.

Plus, we have a few mind-blowing updates coming in May that are set to make you question why you even bother using your regular bank card for daily shopping at all.  

Our customer community has waited patiently for 6 months for Litecoin integration.

And our brilliant Development team has worked to deliver that, where our competitors have failed, as well as other features such as the new contactless payment card, currency accounts, increasing  security standards, in addition to making our service available in even more countries.

Slowly but surely, it’s all coming together beautifully as we strive to continue improving our service for our customers.

Be part of the global digital transformation.

Be at the forefront of mobile personal financial management.

Be crypto smart.

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