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DigiPulse ICO: First Digital Inheritance Service To Launch A Token Sale ICO

August 24, 2017 2:00 am Published by

It goes without saying that the topic of ‘death’ is a morbid one. Until immortality services are available, we do have to make considerations.

Enter DigiPulse with the subject of crypto inheritance.

Usually considered in later stages of life, your ‘last will and testament’ for hard-earned assets is not so easy to arrange with all of those cryptocurrency trading exchange accounts and digital wallets.

Today, cryptocurrency investment can generate large amounts of private personal assets that remain outside of the traditional systems of inheritance.

DigiPulse offers an innovative solution to crypto enthusiasts who want to keep their assets away from traditional systems in the event of an untimely demise.

Rather than formal ‘life insurance’ or an inheritance will…… Digipulse is simply creating a smart contract that will automatically shift ownership of all your digital assets over to those specified in your ‘digital will’.

Seems totally sensible and quite an obvious need in the crypto-economy.

So let’s take a closer look…

When is Digipulse ICO?

Through August until the cap is reached.

Why Digipulse ICO?

Think of it like this: Every single individual who holds more than a few hundred bucks worth of crypto will be a candidate for digipulse services.

Just like Wirex Head of PR said: “It’s an obvious service for the crypto industry” (follow Imran on Medium here), there really is no excuse for successful crypto investors to not use digipulse.

So we see it growing very well after the ICO in coming months and years.

That said, let’s explore the whitepaper: Digipulse can include other digital assets even so much as social profiles like Twitter account login details.

A period of inactivity is used to determine the demise of those unfortunates who die, which triggers the release of login access to those assigned in the digipulse platform.

3rd party service integrations will allow legal contracts (smart contracts) to operate for clear legal ownership transfers of assets to occur.

Digipulse platform is already developed and awaiting beta release.

Popular crypto exchange Coinbase is already partnered with DigiPulse.

What will DigiPulse do with the ICO funding?

They intend to hire subject experts in law and so on to help expand the platform’s services.

Token holders will profit from the shared mining pool that runs the platform.

Token release:

There’s a pre-sale with a 25% token discount.


The concept makes good sense.

We see a lot of growth in this area of blockchain services related to wills in the coming years and decades.

Might not be a blockbuster ICO but certainly a nice one to consider including in your portfolio.

Whatever you decide, remember: there’s plenty of ICO’s to choose from so do your due diligence and consider your options carefully.

Here are some other considerations to get you kickstarted with your research:

  • How experience is the team? Who are they and do they have any business being in the realm of ‘digital wills’?
  • How big is the community and how do they feel about this solution?

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