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Blockchain demystified

Over lunch, in Sydney, a couple of years ago, my mate Rob tried to talk me into a Bitcoin investment. Had I only listened! He bought them at around $300 a piece, they’re now upwards of $2,400. Not half bad, you’d think? Admittedly, I knew little about Bitcoin at the time, hence my reluctance. But,… View Article

Bitcoin Australia – The Future Has Arrived

As worldwide connectivity continues to march on relentlessly, digital commerce commands an ever-increasing slice of the global business pie. And Australia is right on trend. Here, the online economy is already worth A$14 billion a year, while its market share grows by more than 10% annually. Our Legacy System – a Square Peg in a… View Article

Five great reasons why you should be using Bitcoin!

These days, everywhere I go, online, offline, the footy or a barbeque with mates, there is talk of our rapidly advancing world. And, of course, the “new money”. Now, I’m just one of the ordinary folk out there, so I easily get lost in all the fancy lingo about cryptocurrencies and all that, but it… View Article