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How do I earn more savings bonuses as per X-tras 2.0.?

All customers are automatically on the Standard price plan, which does not include a Savings Bonus. 

By upgrading to the Enhanced tier on the Standard plan, you can earn a 1% Savings Bonus on your WXT balance. 

If you are a Premium plan subscriber, you could earn a Savings Bonus of 3% on the Enhanced tier and 6% on the Ultimate tier. 

Elite plan subscribers can earn a Savings Bonus of 8% on the Enhanced tier, while the Ultimate tier pays out an impressive 16%. 

By adding funds to your WXT balance, upgrading your price plan and boosting your tier, you’ll unlock the highest level of rewards. 

The amount of WXT you earn depends on the balance of your WXT account. 

To learn more about price plans and tiers, check out this page

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