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DUO: How it works

DUO is a new innovative yield-generating product. It’s built for users that want the ability to grow their assets regardless of market ups and downs. Here’s how it works:  Let’s say you chose the 12-hour BTC/USDT DUO with a 120% APR. In the next 12 hours, you get a result in the equivalent of BTC or USDT, plus yield, nominated in the output currency. The output currency depends on the difference between the initial market price of BTC/USDT and the market price at the end of DUO. But what does that actually mean?  

If the closing price is less than the initial price: 

If at the end of the DUO, the BTC price is less than the initial price when you opened your order, you get the payout of your initial amount equivalent and yield a bonus of 120% APR in BTC (no matter if the input currency was in BTC or USDT). 

If the closing price is greater than the initial price:  

If the BTC price is the same or higher than the initial price, you get your payout and yield of 120% APR in USDT. 

The trade-off you are making in order to earn the yield is that the resulting currency may be different that the original deposited currency.  

Benefits of DUO 

  • The APR is guaranteed. Regardless of the market volatility, you earn your yield 

  • No fees 

  • More. Even when the value of the payout coin is lower than it was at the beginning of the DUO, the number of units will be higher because of the guaranteed yield. This means that if you receive your payout in a volatile asset, once the asset's price grows, you can convert it back to other coins, or you can open another DUO.  

How to open a DUO 

1. Visit the Grow section of your Wirex App 

2. Click on the DUO tab 

3. Select the DUO asset currency pair 

4. Select one of two options for input currency (e.g. for the BTC/USDT instrument, you can choose between USDT and BTC) 

5. Select plan - one of three available options 

6. Accept DUO terms and click “Confirm”. You just opened a DUO! 

See a DUO Unavailable?

You need to activate your account for both sides (e.g. BTC and USDT) - and have assets in one side.

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