You can easily manage your contacts in the Address Book from the Payments screen of the app. 

Tap ‘Add Contact’. You will be prompted to enter the details of the new contact ( name (required), mobile number and email (both optional)). 

You can then choose the currency of the destination account. You will need to specify the details of the destination account, like  the BTC wallet’s address or SEPA/SWIFT bank account details.  

You will be able to select the type of the bank transfer (Local/International) after choosing the corresponding traditional currency.  

It is also possible to specify whether the recipient is a company (select ‘Business’ on the Recipient’s Details screen) or a person (‘Personal’). 

By clicking ‘Continue’ after filling out the required details, the account will be created and saved in your Wirex Address Book. You can access it from both the web and app versions of Wirex. Any existing contact can be updated with new details and you can add as many supported destination wallets as you wish. Simply tap ‘Add Account’ when viewing the contact and follow the steps outlined earlier in this article. 

If you would like to delete one of the destination accounts for a certain Contact, tap the Delete icon and confirm the action. You may also delete the entire account from the Address Book in editing mode – all of the destination account’s details will be deleted in this case. 

By tapping the ‘Send’ button from a contact’s screen, you can initiate a transfer to one of the destination wallets. You will be able to specify the transaction amount during the next step. 

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