How to send a transfer to my Contact

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You can initiate a transfer to a destination wallet by opening the Address Book and tapping the Send button. You will be able to specify the currency (if a contact has several destination accounts saved) and the transaction amount during the next step. 

Additionally, when sending funds from the Wirex app , you may select the contact and its destination account at this stage. 

Your most frequently used contacts will be displayed as Recent Contacts. The other contacts will be shown at the bottom of the Payments screen  under Your Contacts. 

Please be aware that peer-to-peer (P2P) payments can only be made within the same region, while cross-regional payments are only available for contacts added manually to the Address Book. 

In case you plan on using the web version of Wirex, we recommend adding the contacts from your device’s phone book to your Wirex Address Book.  You may find additional details on managing the Address Book in the article below: 

Information on fees and limits may be accessed via the following help page: 

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