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How to create a trustline

How to add a Trustline

When you use any kind of payment platform or service, you trust the service provider to store your funds safely and honor any deposits or withdrawals. The Stellar Network makes this concept of trust explicit through Trustlines.

Trustlines are used for assets issued on the Stellar Network. They are persistent entries on the Stellar ledger that “track the limit for which your account trusts the issuing account and the amount of credit from the issuing account that your account currently holds.”

Put simply, Trustlines specify the amount of a token that you’re willing to hold. They are necessary if you want to send or receive assets from other accounts or wallets on the Stellar network. You can read about Trustlines in more detail here

You will need to establish a Trustline if you want to receive Stellar-based assets from an external wallet. Don’t worry, setting one up is quick and easy. Please note that adding a Trustline is a blockchain operation, which means a small blockchain fee is applied:

  1. Before you start, make sure that there are funds in your account. You won’t be able to add a Trustline otherwise
  2.  Navigate to the accounts dashboard and select your account
  3. Click + Trustline (please note that this button will only be available if you have funds in your account)
  4. Choose the asset you would like to hold and add trust to
  5. Click Finished. You have successfully established a Trustline!

It’s as easy as that. If you have any trouble setting up a Trustline, please don’t hesitate to log a ticket with our Support Team.

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