Your borderless payment platform

The Wirex app saves you money. Buy, exchange and transfer 20 traditional and digital currencies on one borderless platform with high limits, low fees and no hidden charges.


Super-easy exchange

Quickly and easily buy or exchange crypto and traditional currency. We’re the only platform that allows unrestricted access to OTC and interbank rates, and we’re completely transparent about our fees. For a limited time only, fiat-to-fiat exchanges are absolutely fee-free* - helping you get even more out of your money.



Fund your Wirex account using a credit card, debit card or crypto transfer.


Effortless money management

Stick to your budget and keep track of your funds with instant in-app alerts for each of your crypto and traditional currency accounts. The in-app accounts dashboard is fully customisable – drag and drop to prioritise which accounts fund your Wirex Visa card and hide the accounts you don’t want to use.

*No-fee fiat exchanges, ATM withdrawals and card use from 11.11.2019 until 11.02.2020