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Take control of your money. Effortlessly exchange US Dollars and crypto in the Wirex app at exclusive interbank and OTC rates, with zero exchanges fees.

Superior rates | Wirex

Superior rates

We believe that the best exchange rates shouldn’t be reserved for banks and financial institutions. That’s why we offer exclusive Over-the-Counter (OTC) rates for all cryptocurrency exchanges. It’s only fair.

Using Wirex to exchange your cryptocurrency could save you up to 4% compared to the competition. That’s some serious money.

Currencies | Wirex


Your Wirex account gives you instant access to US Dollars and a variety of top cryptocurrencies. Effortlessly buy, store, exchange and spend BTC, ETH, BAT, COMP, DAI, KNC, LINK, LTC, MKR, OMG, XLM and ZRX.

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