Why can my card transaction be declined?

Region: Asia Pacific

If your card transaction is not successful, this might be why: 

The following Merchant Category Codes (MCC) are not supported, any transactions with these merchants will be declined: 




 Money Transfer 


 Automated Fuel Dispensers 


 Direct Marketing- Insurance Services 


 Direct Marketing – Travel Related Arrangement Services 


 Direct Marketing – Outbound Telemarketing Merchants 


 Direct Marketing – Inbound Telemarketing Merchants 


 Financial Institutions – Merchandise and Services 


 Quasi Cash—Customer Financial Institution 


 Quasi Cash / Non-Financial Institutions 


 Investment Firms - Dealers, Brokers 


 POI Funding Transactions 


 Dating Services 


 Gambling - Government - Owned Lotteries 


 Government-Licensed On-Line Casinos (On-Line Gambling) 


 Government-Licensed Horse/Dog Racing 


 Betting, including Lottery Tickets, Casino Gaming Chips, Off-Track Betting, and Wagers at Race Track 


 None Face-to-Face Gambling 


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