E-Coin Announces Holiday Campaign; To Award Free Virtual Bitcoin Cards

Disyembre 18, 2015

Renowned Bitcoin debit card issuer E-Coin has announced a new holiday campaign in which it is awarding its virtual Bitcoin card for free.

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E-Coin Giveaway: Everyone Gets a Free Virtual Bitcoin Debit Card

Disyembre 17, 2015

E-Coin, a popular Bitcoin debit card provider, is having a holiday giveaway. Everyone who participates in this giveaway by submitting at least 10 entries will receive an E-Coin virtual debit card for free.

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E-Coin card can now be topped up via bank transfer

Disyembre 10, 2015

Bitcoin debit card issued by E-Coin can now be topped up using a bank transfer – the novelty which is supposed to increase the company’s presence in over 150 countries.

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Bitcoin Card E-Coin Enables Wire-Based Top Ups

Disyembre 09, 2015

Bitcoin debit card company E-Coin has announced the integration of a bank transfer option to provide users with more methods to top up their Bitcoin cards. The UK-based company, which is known to be one of the first to plasticize Bitcoin, said that it had received numerous requests from its customers all across the world to add more payment methods.

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Bitcoin firm E-Coin’s crowdfunding blitz attracts investors

Nobyembre 19, 2015

E-Coin’s crowdfunding campaign at Hong Kong-based platform has evoked much curiosity.

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E-Coin Secures Nearly $200,000 in Funding

Nobyembre 12, 2015

E-Coin, a company that allows users to use both physical and virtual Bitcoin debit cards, successfully closed nearly $200,000 in funding from their campaign on BNKtothefuture.

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