Personal Financial Security In The Age Of Blockchain

Maximum security through traditional banking systems combined with modern blockchain technology

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Unprotected wallets can cause a huge financial loss. Insecure accounts can be taken over and involved in fraud such as fake loans and money laundering

Wirex customer funds are protected with PCI DSS

We use the strongest PCI DSS Level 1 certificate and provide every security measure to protect your account

Safe transactions Secure network and systems
Fraud prevention Card data protection
Information security compliance Secured wallets

Wirex Security Features

For Total Peace of Mind

Our customer’s online purchases are protected with Verified by Visa system, which confirms your identity and lets you shop online with added confidence. Enjoy peace of mind knowing their funds are secured by modern banking systems combined with cutting-edge blockchain technology.

For Total Peace of Mind
Fraud prevention

Fraud prevention

Our bitcoin exchange via 3rd party payment cards is Verified by VISA (3D Secured) for maximum protection from fraud. Being a certified PCI DSS company, Wirex uses the latest and most advanced fraud security technologies that reduce fraud risks to practically zero.

Secure Authorisation

SSL site security, 2-Factor Authentication and Device Authorisation ensures that only you can gain access to your account on both mobile and desktop.

Secure Authorisation
Device verification

Device verification

Access to your account is blocked from unverified devices. All devices enabled for account access can be seen and managed inside your account. Add new devices quickly and securely. Delete unwanted or any unrecognised devices at the click of a button.

Card management

If you misplace your Wirex card, disable it at the click of a button. Re-enable it again just as easily if you find it.

Card management
Fully controlled verification

Fully controlled verification

All your documents and personal data sent for verification are encrypted, both in transit (via TLS) and at rest using 256-bit AES. We use asymmetric key encryption to ensure that we cannot access your data without your permission.


Our multi-signature cryptocurrency wallets ensure that only you can access and transfer your funds. Easily managed from your Wirex app or desktop access; making cryptocurrency simple, convenient, and safe.

Transfer protections

Transfer protections

Our multi-level cold storage vault gives added peace of mind for customers requiring large funds to be held long-term. Smart confirmations provide double-protection for large transactions.

Help Centre

We’re here to help. If you have any questions or concerns about security, visit our Support Centre. Wirex's dedicated team of support engineers is committed to providing you with the best experience possible. We do our best to respond to any customer service or technical support issues quickly, efficiently and with care

Help Centre
  • Biometrics

    Touch ID/Face ID features are available on supported mobile devices
  • Coin storage

    Your Bitcoin balance is securely stored in our offline system
  • Encryption

    PSI DSS level 1 certification means we protect all your data
  • Multi-signature security model

    Ensuring that transactions cannot be double spent
  • Disable anytime

    Pause card spending instantly when you leave it somewhere
  • Account notifications

    Push, email and text notifications alert you of any account usage
  • Industry best practice

    The compliance and risk management team ensures Wirex complies with best practice guidelines from regulators and technology partners
  • Continuous monitor

    Our blockchain-enabled banking infrastructure is monitored continuously for maximum security checks around the clock
  • Data protection

    All of your personal data is 128-bit encrypted & stored securely. We do not sell your personally identifiable information

Toutes les fonctionnalités personnelles

  • Portefeuille


    Le portefeuille de Wirex offre aux utilisateurs de bitcoins actifs un accès sans précédent à des services bancaires complets en la matière et bien plus encore

    Obtenez le portefeuille Wirex
  • Carte


    Que vous achetiez une Lamborghini ou un simple café, notre carte de paiement vous permet de dépenser vos bitcoins en toute simplicité comme un pro

    Obtenez la carte
  • Change


    Wirex facilite l’achat de bitcoins partout dans le monde. Achetez des bitcoins en ligne avec votre carte de paiement, par virement bancaire ou via l’app mobile

    Acheter des bitcoins
  • Envoyer de l’argent

    Envoyer de l’argent

    Envoyez de l’argent même à l’international sans devoir attendre un virement bancaire ou un service de transfert d’argent coûteux.

    Envoyer de l’argent
  • Sécurité


    Niveau maximal de sécurité grâce à la combinaison de systèmes bancaires traditionnels avec une technologie de blockchain moderne

    Ouvrir un compte sécurisé
  • Cryptoback™


    For active bitcoin users - the Wirex Wallet gives you unprecedented access to full-feature bitcoin banking - and beyond


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