Bitcoin Debit Card Firm E-Coin Raises $160,000

2 novembre 2015

UK-based Bitcoin debit card and multi-sig wallet provider is gaining strong traction among the investors, already having raised $160,412 with 2 days still remaining in the crowdfunding campaign. The Company is offering a 10% stake for sale and has attracted 60 backers till the time of writing this report.

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E-Coin CrowdInvesting Campaign Going Well

24 octobre 2015

E-Coin, a Bitcoin debit card solution has been running a Crowdinvesting campaign on Bitcoin-friendly (formerly With eleven days to go, they are closing in on their minimum goal. At press time, they have raised $131,947 of their $154,041 minimum. It seem unlikely, however, that they will reach their total goal of $385,102 with so little time remaining.

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E-Coin secures over $66,000 in online funding

16 octobre 2015

Virtual debit card and multi-signature wallet E-Coin has launched an online funding campaign, securing $66,178 nineteen days before the call for investment is closed.

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E-Coin Debit Card Integrating Bitcoin And Fiat Currency Launches Online Funding Campaign

15 octobre 2015

E-Coin, a virtual debit card and multi-signature wallet, has raised $63,136 (USD) in a $384,538 (USD) online funding campaign, marking progress in its mission to fill the gap between bitcoin and fiat currency. The E-coin debit card funded with bitcoin can be accepted where most major credit cards are accepted.

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E-Coin Hosts Equity Crowdfunding Campaign on BnkToTheFuture

14 octobre 2015

Bitcoin debit card providers are working hard to gain a foothold in the hybrid industry between traditional finance and digital currencies. Spending Bitcoin through traditional means is positive for both consumer and merchant, but that doesn’t mean it will be an easy victory. E-Coin, one of the leading Bitcoin debit card providers, has announced their crowdfunding campaign on BnkToTheFuture.

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E-Coin Targets Around US$380k in BnkToTheFuture Crowdfunding

13 octobre 2015

Bitcoin debit card provider E-Coin has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Hong Kong-based platform BnkToTheFuture.

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