Top Up Your Wirex Card From Poland

Wirex puts you in control of your money. You get international remittances, money transfers, and the easiest way to buy Bitcoin or Litecoin all in one account. Manage your money on our mobile app, then use your Wirex cards to shop anywhere Visa and MasterCard are accepted. No crypto? No problem. Wirex gives you rapid currency transfers to top up your cards.

Hold USD, GBP, and EUR on your cards as if they were bank accounts. Swap between them to make Wirex your ultimate travel card. Ready to make banking easy? Then pick your method, verify your account, and fund your Wirex account now!

Use Bitcoin or Litecoin to fund your account

To fund Wirex from multi-crypto, deposit Bitcoin or Litecoin to your Wirex multi-crypto wallet and convert to FIAT currency. It’s that easy.

Use P24 to fund your account

Who doesn’t like the ease of P24? Funding Wirex with P24 is as easy as logging into Wirex, choosing ‘Alternative Payment Method’, and clicking P24. Follow the simple instructions and your Wirex account will be funded and good to go immediately!