Bitcoin Payments

Buy Bitcoin and Litecoin Worldwide With Wirex

Wirex helps you to manage your investments. Your Wirex multi-crypto wallet means that you get full access to several services from the world’s leading cryptocurrency conversion and card company.

Mainstream popularity for Bitcoin and Litecoin

You can’t yet buy multi-crypto at your local superstore but Wirex’s team has worked hard to make Bitcoin and Litecoin transactions similarly simple.

We are all about making it easy to buy and spend Bitcoin and Litecoin . Our easy-to-use App with Bitgo security behind every transaction has helped us to achieve soaring popularity as the leading altcoin currency exchange system.

Buy multi-crypto fast

You probably prefer to buy Bitcoin and Litecoin without verification procedures that cause you to share lots of personal details. That’s why we only ask for a minimum of identification information to protect your privacy and ensure only you can use your stored funds. Your name, email address, and date of birth are all that’s required for you to open a Wirex account. There is no opening fee.

We’re required by “Know Your Customer” regulations to request an uploaded copy of a state-issued identification document with your address on it before unlocking the full capabilities of your account. Once that’s done, you can buy and sell multi-crypto or purchase goods and services with complete freedom!

Buy multi-crypto with credit card accounts

Many people want to know how to buy Bitcoin or Litecoin with credit card accounts. You simply add funds to your Wirex account through your Visa card in major fiat currencies like Euros, U.S. dollars, British pounds, Japanese yen, and many others. Then buying Bitcoin or Litecoin is quick and easy through your app or your Wirex web account. You can exchange your Bitcoin or Litecoin at any time for national currencies or other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoins, Monero, and many more.

Buy multi-crypto instantly

You can also quickly buy multi-crypto with card accounts or other methods such as direct bank transfers, Paypal, Alipay, and other popular options. We closely monitor marketplace developments for opportunities to add more convenient payment methods.

Fastest multi-crypto exchange system

Your Wirex account includes full access to the fastest currency exchange system available. Wirex’s app and web control panel shows you exactly what you own in multi-crypto or fiat currency holdings. Your account tracks every purchase or transaction you make for your total peace of mind.

Bank and shop everywhere

An increasing number of merchants and service providers directly accept multi-crypto payments. Want to shop where multi-crypto is not accepted directly? Convert multi-crypto to FIAT and then use your Wirex Card for cash ATM withdrawals or shop anywhere Visa is accepted. Buy handmade shoes from a small boutique shop in Rome or order a pizza delivery to your hotel room in Paris. Wirex has made the cryptocurrency economy easy and practical for everyday life.

Joining the global multi-crypto movement is as easy as signing up for a Wirex account.

Download our app and open your account today.