Accept Bitcoin Donations For Your Website

If you’re managing a website that accepts donations, it’s a good idea to accept bitcoin donations with your other regular currencies. Many webmasters prefer making the facility for accepting bitcoin donations available because it’s a secure, decentralised cryptocurrency that is truly gaining momentum as people learn more about it.

The prime consideration before accepting bitcoin donations on your website is security. The safety and security of your site are of paramount importance in order to assure users that their transactions will be protected. Without the correct safety protocols in place, a payment can easily be intercepted and directed to another bitcoin address. Once your site is secure you can proceed with setting up the bitcoin donations facility.

Different Donation Buttons

Most wallet providers will also provide a bitcoin donation button for you to install on your website. This can be in the form of any of the following, depending on which suits you and your audience best:

  • QR code or image link connected to your bitcoin payment page
  • Donate button, also linked as above
  • Direct link to payment page

A QR code or a donate button are the most effective, with a QR code being more user-friendly for mobile users as they can scan and donate directly from their smartphones.

How To Set Up Your Website To Accept Bitcoin Donations

Firstly, ensure you have a bitcoin wallet that can be linked to the bitcoin donation button. As per above, you can also select which payment button you are opting for and install the required code on your website for the button to become active. This will be linked to your bitcoin address and payment page. You can usually forego the payment page popup by making use of a payment iframe.

Unique bitcoin addresses must be used for each interaction or transaction to prevent any fraudulent activity taking place. You can pre-generate the bitcoin addresses prior to setting up the donate button.

By making use of the button functionality provided by your bitcoin wallet, all the administration required data and background functionality is handled by them. You simply need to ensure it’s working and is placed in a visible place on your web pages.

If you’re running a campaign where donations are being accepted, you can include a donation counter that indicates how much has been collected so far, how much is still required to reach the target, as well as the time remaining to do so.