Places That Accept Bitcoin

There are many of places that accept bitcoin and the number is growing steadily as bitcoin starts to increase in value. You can find a business within almost all common niches choosing to offer bitcoin as a method of payment.

Just doing a simple Google search for “places that accept bitcoin” will provide you with a wealth of information about businesses and establishments all over the world who are keen to take your bitcoin in exchange for products or services.

Big Brands Accepting Bitcoin Payments

A few of the more notable brands accepting bitcoin payments that you might already know about are:

  • Microsoft
  • Starbucks
  • Subway
  • Dell
  • Overstock – this online furniture shop now accepts over 40 altcoins (this at the time of writing this in August 2017)

For users building their online storefronts with Shopify, there is the option to include a bitcoin payment gateway for all purchases. This opens up the opportunity for innumerable businesses to accept bitcoin payments, and with the constant climb in bitcoin value, we foresee this happening more and more.

Follow the stories of all companies accepting bitcoin – both in the online world and land-based business world.