Mobile Payments

Given the multi-currency and Bitcoin capabilities of your Wirex account, the one feature that makes Wirex wallet such a flexible technology is its ability to make mobile payments in those currencies. Backed by security and authentication features that exceed banking mobile application standards, Wirex keeps your money secure and requires your authorization when you want to spend it.

Mobile Payment Methods

Whether you’re traveling or shopping with friends, all you need is a smartphone equipped with a mobile wallet application. Like your existing banking arrangements, your device’s mobile wallet can access your Wirex account so that cash and credit cards no longer need to be presented to vendors that accept popular mobile payments like Apple Pay and Android Pay. 

To link your Wirex account to your device’s mobile wallet, you will need to obtain a virtual Wirex Visa number in four simple steps through your Wirex account. Upon authentication, your Wirex account will generate a virtual card complete with CVV and expiry date. You will then transfer that information to your mobile wallet (Apple Pay for IOS and Android Pay for Android supported devices). In other words, in less than six simple steps, you can use mobile payment methods to access your Wirex account!

(Please note, the above features are not currently available, but will be soon, with the introduction of Wirex contactless cards. Pre-registration for contactless Wirex cards are now open! Please enter your email below to do so!)

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Since Wirex accounts are denominated three major currencies (USD, EUR, and GBP), you will be able to generate and link all three virtual cards to your mobile wallet, allowing mobile payment methods in all three currencies depending on where you are transacting.

Wirex as a Bitcoin Wallet

One of the greatest benefits of a Wirex account is the ability to acquire Bitcoins. There are many reasons why Bitcoins, as a currency, are a lucrative holding, and for Wirex account holders, their Wirex account keeps Bitcoin balances safe and secure.

Using your Wirex account as a Bitcoin wallet also allows easy conversion among the three main global currencies on the account – USD, EUR, and GBP. This convenience allows account holders to convert only the amounts of Bitcoin absolutely required for the currency with which they would like to transact.

As with all mobile transactions, conversion from Bitcoin to other currencies requires time-sensitive confirmation from the account holder.

Funding Your Bitcoin Wallet

With access to Bitcoin exchange rates, your Wirex account allows conversion from USD, EUR, and GBP as well as a growing list of Altcoins like ether, litecoin, monero, lisk, ripple, dash, DAO and many others (not to be deposited to the Bitcoin account, though).

In addition, you can use your Bitcoin wallet to make purchases in Bitcoin. A growing number of vendors are accepting Bitcoin as payment for goods and services.

Mobile Payments With Wirex

Whether holding one or all three traditional currencies in your Wirex account or simply safeguarding your Bitcoin holdings, your Wirex account can be used for mobile payments in all three currencies as well as in Bitcoin at vendors where they accept Bitcoin.

Getting started with a Wirex account is free. Try it out now!