Freelancer Cards

The easiest way to spend the multi-crypto you earn

Spend Bitcoin and Litecoin easily with Wirex, the best banking platform for everyone who works for multi-crypto. Simply receive Bitcoin or Litecoin in your Wirex account, then use your Wirex card to spend your multi-crypto by first converting it into traditional currency inside your account so the funds become available on your Wirex card — and use anywhere Visa is accepted.

The preferred tool for those who earn in multi-crypto

Open an account easily from the desktop or mobile app in under 3 minutes. You’ll immediately get a highly secure multi-sig Bitcoin or Litecoin wallet to receive payments from employers. Choose between cards denominated in USD, GBP or EUR, or get them all. Wirex is the most convenient online banking account a multi-crypto employee can have!

Instant issue

Get your free virtual card in just minutes! Receive multi-crypto payments and exchange for local currency at any time to use your money at millions of online shops that accept Visa.

Upgrade to plastic

A great option when you want your money in local currency, quickly. Simply use it to withdraw from any ATM. We deliver cards to internationally.

Better for employers

Wirex’s low-cost money transfer is cheaper compared than other money transfer services. It’s easy to fund accounts via bank transfer, Bitcoin or Litecoin, PayPal, and more.

Better for employees

Remote employee? Hold a card denominated in USD, GBP and EUR. Keep your money in strong, major currencies that you can easily convert to local currencies.

24/7 support team

Our comprehensive Help Center can guide you through all steps. Need help? Issue a support ticket and our friendly support team will get back to you.

Mobile banking

Control your money your way, right from your Android or iOS smartphone. Our sleek mobile app will notify you in real time as soon as you get paid.

The Latest In Digital Security

All Wirex accounts come with BitGo, the #1 leader in blockchain security. Simply use your money how you want, when you want, where you want and we’ll keep your funds safe, guaranteed.

What people are saying about our cards

It used to be hard to pay bills and buy groceries with my bitcoin income but now it’s much easier

“I work as a virtual assistant for an American employer, who pays my salary in bitcoins. This works well for me but converting bitcoins to cash locally is not convenient when I need the money fast. My boss suggested the Wirex card – it’s great! It used to be hard to pay bills and buy groceries with my bitcoin income but now it’s much easier! Try it!” — Gina

I use it to pay bills and make online purchases

“The free Visa card was the reason why I tried Wirex. It works with no problem so far. It’s easy to load the card and check balance with the app. I use it to pay bills and make online purchases mostly. I will get the plastic card soon.” — Abdul

My remote employees are happy… I’m happy too with the reduced money transfer costs

“Since I switched to bitcoin, paying my international team is a breeze. Wirex is a good platform to send and receive global payments, and convenient for me as well. My remote employees are happy with it. I’m happy too with the reduced money transfer costs. Above all, I received good support. That sealed the deal – now I use Wirex exclusively.” — Jim