Travel Cards

The ultimate travel card

Tired of confusing bank rules and painful access problems? Wirex drives your money, cutting fees and letting you move money with our easy-to-use mobile app. You’ll get USD, EUR, and GBP cards that let you use your money anytime, anywhere.

So what are you waiting for? The best way to take money overseas is at your fingertips.

Get total control with instant notifications

Imagine having an app that showed your money and transactions on one easy-to-understand screen. Imagine having total control over cards, getting instant notifications whenever you make payments. The Wirex app gives you full power over your money, from small purchases to currency conversions.

Top up the way you like

Charge your card via bank transfer, PayPal, APMs or multi-crypto (converted to FIAT). We accept them all.

USD, GBP and EUR cards

Travel a lot? Keep your options open by getting 3 travel cards, so you can change currencies at will.

Instant app notifications

Convert money, load card, and track your travel money from your phone!

No hidden charges

Pay nothing to use your card in its native currency, and get top exchange rates for everything else. See fees here.

Chip & pin security

Your card lets you control exactly how much money you carry, combined with the latest in chip & pin physical security. You’re safe with us.

Accepted worldwide

Your Mastercard travel card gets you worldwide access to millions of ATMs and Retailers. We deliver internationally.

Total Security

You get the latest in card security, including 2-factor authentication and exact control over the money on your card. With the mobile app, you get real-time notifications on all transactions, and withdrawing money or deactivating your card takes just one touch on your mobile.

Here’s what people say about their Wirex travel cards

I just open the app, change between currencies, and I’m ready to go

“I travel a lot around the EU for work, and Wirex is the best system for travel cards I’ve found. I use two cards to carry my money, one in British Pounds and one in Euro. Whenever I travel for business, I just open the app, change between currencies, and I’m ready to go. It’s that easy. A Wirex travel card is a must for any global citizen, try it and see for yourself!” — Sam

Now I don’t worry about losing my wallet, my Wirex card covers everything

“I’ve lost my wallet while travelling before. It’s an absolute nightmare. I’ve been stuck in foreign countries with no cash. My Wirex travel card has forever solved that problem. Now I don’t worry about losing my wallet, my Wirex cards cover everything. I control important purchases from my phone and use the physical card for the small stuff. Wirex gets my highest recommendation.” — Jonah

Saving my money took just a few touches on my phone

“When I leave Malaysia it’s super hard to handle payments. I was getting crushed by exchange fees every time I went to the USA! Wirex solves those problem. I buy bitcoin at home, convert it, then I can buy anything, anytime, anywhere. The security is great too. I lost my USD card a while back. Blocking it and saving my money took just a few touches on my phone. Thanks so much. Wirex, you’ve made my life so much easier.” — Cheah