Money Transfers

A Wirex account puts the power of quick, inexpensive and fee-free money transfers in your hands. Whether transferring money to friends, family or colleagues living and working abroad, or you need to make a payment for goods and services online, Wirex can simplify your existing options.

Instant money transfers in two steps

Sending cash abroad has traditionally been difficult thanks largely to the banking system’s regulatory requirements on both the sending and receiving ends. With a Wirex account, money transfers happen with two steps.

The first step involves adding the recipient’s email address to your Wirex contact list, if not done already. The second step involves sending the remittance.

That’s it! The money transfer has been completed and all that’s left is for the recipient to accept it!

Online money transfer

Currently, the most widely accepted services for online money transfers operate a lot more like a bank than a service that exists for consumers. These services charge fees for processing payments and add steep commission fees when converting foreign currencies to local currencies. Moreover, accessing that cash to spend offline requires a transfer to a bank account, which can take three to five business days.

With your Wirex account, online money transfers happen immediately. Moreover, account holders can start spending their money right away with the Wirex card or Wirex app.

Immediate currency conversion

With the Wirex app, money transfers not only happen immediately, but the account holders can switch currency within the app. That means that online money transfers received in USD can be converted for offline purchases made in EUR, and again to Bitcoin, Litecoin or GBP.

With multi-currency flexibility built into the app, Wirex account holders no longer have to convert all incoming funds to their local currency, wait for the funds to get deposited to their traditional bank account, and then re-convert back any unplanned surplus to transact in non-local currencies. With immediate online money transfers, Wirex account holders can maintain balances in different currencies, spend only what is required in each currency, and continue transacting straight from their account.

Flexibility amplified

With a no-cost Wirex account, individuals and business can get started with instant money transfers right away. With the traditional payment card add-on, as well as the virtual payment card option, Wirex customers benefit from multi-currency transactions without the high costs associated with banks and existing online payment offerings.

With a free Wirex account, you can begin enjoying the future of borderless banking today!