Send Money Abroad

The Wirex app allows account holders to send money overseas in as little as two steps. Not an account holder? No worries, because for non-account holders, that step increases to three steps. Either way, if you need to send money internationally, Wirex is the simplest solution available.

How to send money overseas

Once you’ve funded your Wirex account and determined the currency you need to send, the next thing you need to do is add the recipient’s email address to your contact list. Lastly, you send the remittance.

That’s it! Sending money overseas can be as simple as adding an address to your contact list!

Multiple currencies

With Wirex, you can fund your account in three currencies (USD, EUR, GBP) as well as Bitcoin, Litecoin and other multiple altcoin options. This type of flexibility allows for borderless transactions and payments and is the simplest way access the popular Bitcoin (which has recently surpassed the value of Gold) and Litecoin currencies.

Places to send money internationally

There are virtually no limitations to how you can send money internationally. Moreover, using Wirex makes sending money overseas the quickest option available for people who need to send remittances urgently.

International remittances

In addition to the simplicity and flexibility offered through a Wirex account, account holders are able to access their funds using a Wirex payment card in both virtual and debit card formats. These options take away the three to five business day processing requirement that traditional banks and other online payment services require in order to credit a bank account.

With Wirex, account holders who possess the Wirex debit card can also access their funds through a regular ATM.

That means that sending money internationally to family and loved ones who need immediate access to the funds in a local or acceptable currency, can be as easy and straightforward as sending an email!

Getting Started with Wirex

When you open your free Wirex account, you can start sending and receiving money immediately. Why not get started now?