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3-D Secure program

To protect your online transactions against fraud, Wirex applies the 3-D Secure program. 3-D Secure is the protocol used to tie the financial authorization process with online authentication. 3-D stands for “three-domain model”. These three domains are:

  • Acquirer Domain (the bank and the merchant to which you pay the money).
  • Issuer Domain (the bank that issued the card).
  • Interoperability Domain (the infrastructure provided by the card scheme to support the 3-D Secure protocol). It includes the Internet, MPI (Merchant plug-in), ACS (Access Control Server) and other software providers.

3-D Secure provides an additional security layer for debit card transactions by sending a one time password (OTP) to your phone whenever a purchase is made online with your card. This prevents any unauthenticated payment, even if a cardholder's card number is stolen or cloned.  

Note: The password will only be sent to the phone number you have registered with your Wirex account. If your number has changed, you will need to update it before continuing to make online purchases with your Wirex card. The OTP feature applies only to online transactions. If you lose your Wirex card, please block it immediately and contact support.

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