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Adding and Withdrawing Funds with Wirex

By Bank Transfer 

Can I add funds to Wirex using my bank account? 

Yes! In Europe, you can send funds directly from your bank account into Wirex via SEPA Instant. This makes it super easy to top up your Wirex account so you can spend on your Wirex Card or buy crypto. 

How do I add funds to Wirex using bank transfer? 

  • Open the app and click Add Funds 

  • Select EUR account and choose Bank Transfer 

  • You will see your IBAN and BIC numbers 

  • Copy those and head over to your online banking, add your Wirex Account as a beneficiary and you can send up to 10,000 EUR in one payment 

How long will the funds take to appear on my Wirex Account? 

Your funds will usually be available within your Wirex account immediately. In some cases, payments can take up to a few business days to appear.   

Can my friends send funds to my Wirex Account via Bank Transfer? 

Sure, they will only need your IBAN and BIC and they will be able to send EUR transfers to you. Please note - they must use the exact same beneficiary name on the payment that you have on your Wirex account. 

IMPORTANT – Never share your Wirex account details with someone you don’t know. 

Are there any payment limits with bank transfers? 

You can send up to 10,000 EUR per day. 

The maximum you can receive in one year is 250,000 EUR. 

The minimum amount of EUR you can send in a single transaction is 1 EUR. 

You can make a maximum of 3 bank transfers in a single day. 

Can I take money out of Wirex using bank transfers? 

Yes – in Europe you can send EUR from Wirex to your bank account using SEPA Instant. 

How do I send money from my Wirex Account to my bank? 

In order to perform a transfer, you, first, need to activate EUR account details. To do this, go to your EUR account and click on the Account Details, then you will be suggested to Activate Account. Now you are ready to make a transfer.

  • Click "Send" on your Wirex App dashboard 

  • Click "Pay – Pay by crypto or bank transfer"

  • Select Euro account 

  • Select To Myself 

  • Now you can input your IBAN / BIC 

  • Enter the amount you wish to send and click "Pay" 

You can also go to your EUR account and click on the Send button at the bottom of the screen.

Can I send funds to my friends or a company? 

Yes, you can send funds to someone you know or pay a company by making a bank transfer.  You need to follow the same steps as when you send funds to yourself, but you have to input a different name/company name. 

IMPORTANT – When sending funds to an account that isn’t your own, double-check the account details are correct and input a clear reference so they know the money is from you. Also consider whether the company you are paying is a scam before you send the funds. If you are unsure, do not make the payment. 

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