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Can I link my Wirex card to Curve, Paypal, or Revolut?

At present, you can link your card to PayPal and Revolut. 

Simply go into your PayPal or Revolut app and add your Wirex Card as a payment method. This allows you to top up funds to these 3rd party services. 

How to use your PayPal account to top up your Wirex Card: 

- Log in to your PayPal account.  

- Add your Wirex card in the Debit and Credit Cards section.  

You're now ready to add funds. To do so, simply:  

- Click on your PayPal Balance.  

- Hit Withdraw Money.  

- Select your Wirex card.  

- Tap Next and enter the amount you want to add.  

Your funds will arrive within minutes and can then be spent in real life with your multicurrency Wirex card.  

The connection between Wirex and PayPal works the other way around, too. That means you can also use your Wirex card to add funds to your PayPal account! After connecting your Wirex Card to your PayPal account, you can head into your PayPal app and Add Funds, using the balance on the Wirex Card to top up PayPal, alternatively, make the Wirex Card your default payment method within PayPal and any PayPal purchases will be funded directly from your Wirex Card. 

You cannot link your Wirex Card to Curve at this time, however this may be possible in the future, so please watch this space. 

More information on fees and limits can be found via the following article:

How do I link my Wirex card to PayPal?

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