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Common Verification Issues

If we encounter problems completing your verification, you’ll receive a message from us indicating why the verification couldn’t be completed and request that you attempt the process again. You can find a list of the most common verification issues below.

Document issues

Often, verification fails when the system has trouble recognising the uploaded Proof Of Identity (“POI”) document. This can happen when:

  • You uploaded a black & white photo of your POI document.

  • The photo is blurry, text in the photo is hard to read, or the document itself is damaged or obscured in some way. If you took a clear photo but still got a message indicating one of the above issues, it may be better to upload an alternative document.

  • You uploaded an unsupported document. What can be considered a valid POI varies by country - for example, a driver’s license might be acceptable in one country but not another. 

  • The document has expired.

  • You entered incorrect “Document Type” information. For example, if you selected driver’s licence, but uploaded a passport, the system will not be able to process it.

  • The date-of-birth on the document doesn’t match the one in your profile.

  • The first or last name on the document doesn’t match those in your profile.

  • The MRZ code, watermarks or security measures are not readable. Please upload a clearer photo or alternative document.

  • The document is not original. It is necessary to upload a photo of an original document. If you upload a picture of a photocopy of your POI, or a photo of a scan that is displayed on a monitor, the system won’t be able to process it.

  • Your face in your selfie is significantly different than the one in your document (this can occur if you’ve recently grown a beard, for example). You may be asked to provide an alternative document in this case.

Selfie/video selfie issues

The system may be unable to process your selfie when:

  • The video selfie does not follow the instructions. Please re-read the instructions carefully and try again.

  • You used filters or effects in your selfie. Please check that all filters are disabled and try again.

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