In Wirex, every money operation is conducted with counterparties. A transaction cannot go through without a counterparty.

To add a counterparty, go to Counterparties > Add Counterparty.

If your counterparty already has a public Wirex account, you can use the search function to find them in our directory. If your counterparty does not have a public Wirex account, or is using an external account, you can add their information manually.

After you enter and save all the information for your counterparty, it will be added to the counterparties list. Here you can initiate a transaction with a selected counterparty or view your transaction history with them.

If your counterparty has multiple accounts, you will be prompted to select which of those accounts you want to transact with. You can also add accounts manually to a counterparty’s profile.

Note: Once you add a counterparty, you can change their name, but not their profile details or business account details (you can add and remove their accounts, but you can’t change the BTC address of an account that you added, or change the counterparty’s email address or phone number, for example).

Removing counterparties

To remove a counterparty, click the settings icon near their portrait and select delete counterparty. You will no longer be able to transact with this counterparty unless you add them again, but any transactions you previously conducted with them will still be shown in your transaction history. If you add the counterparty again, you will have reenter all their details again as well -- they will not be saved. 

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