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To ensure we can continue to provide the best possible experience for our users, we are currently improving our platform. To carry out this work, we need to temporarily limit some of Wirex’s functionality 


1) What functions does maintenance affect? 

We are updating out bank transfer infrastructure, which requires us to temporarily limit this feature. 

The changes will apply to your current account. Card accounts are not affected. 

If you have already made a bank transfer using your IBAN, you can still use these in the currency you’ve previously used. You cannot however open up a new IBAN for other currencies that you have not used.

GBP transfers IN and OUT of your account using Faster Payments are not affected. 

If you have not already made a EUR bank transfer, you can still make a new request to make EUR payments, but these will be limited to SEPA and SWIFT payments IN to your account only.

All other features like your Wirex Visa card and exchange services are not affected.

2) Can I still withdraw my money?

Yes, you can still withdraw your money using your Wirex Visa card, or transfer it using Faster Payments in GBP. You can still exchange fiat and crypto as you normally would. Crypto transfers are unaffected. 

3) How long will functionality be limited?

We are conducting this maintenance in coordination with a number of third parties that support our infrastructure, and we are all working together to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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