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Geographic availability

The X-tras rewards programme is available in the European Economic Area, Asia-Pacific and the United Kingdom.  

All three pricing plans (Standard, Premium and Elite) are available in these regions. You can find out more about each plan on the following pages:   

- Which price plans are available? 

- Fees and limits  

Some features, such as Cryptoback™ rewards, may not be available in certain regions not specified above.  

You can find out which features are available in your country here:  


If the Wirex card is unavailable in your country, you can still earn WXT rewards through the Refer-a-Friend programme. You can also upgrade to the Premium or Elite plan, which earns you a Savings Bonus on your WXT balance. Plus, you can unlock even more rewards by locking your WXT and upgrading to a Boosted Tier. 

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