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How do I create an X-Account?

To open X-Account, you need to have an existing, active GBP, EUR, LTC, AAVE, LINK, MKR, XLM, ETH, DAI or BTC account in the Wirex app with funds on it. If you have not opened one of these accounts already, you’ll be prompted to do so when opening an X-Account.   

To open an X-Account, follow these steps: 

  • Go to the ‘X-Accounts’ tab and select ‘Create New X-Account' 

  • Select the currency you want to open an X-Account on 

  • Accept the X-Account T&Cs 

  • Choose how you would like to receive interest (in kind or WXT) and name your X-Account 

  • Add funds from the relevant crypto or fiat currency account  

Your X-Account is now ready to start earning!  

Here’s how to edit or delete an X-Account

  • On the dashboard, tap X-Account 

  • Choose the edit option to change the name of your X-Account. You can also use this option to delete your X-Account. 



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