How do I order a Wirex card?

Region: Europe

You can order a card only after your Wirex account has been successfully verified.

If you order a GBP/EUR card, it will be issued together with the associated currency account.  Read more about the new Wirex cards with currency accounts here.

If you don’t have enough funds in your account, you may be asked to top-up before ordering your card. The exact amount you need to have in your account to order a card varies by region, but will be displayed in the app. 

How to order a card in Wirex web application

  1. On the Dashboard, scroll down to "Order cards".
  2. Select the needed card type (currency). 
  3. In the Order new card window, click Get the card
  4. Review your personal details and the billing address. If you need to change something, click Contact Support. 
  5. Click Place order. You will see the success message. Click Back to Dashboard to return to work with the application. 

How to order a card in Wirex iOS and Android application

  1. On the Dashboard, tap Choose a card. Also: swipe through the list of your current cards/wallets > get to and tap the Add new icon.
  2. Select the currency > tap Next
  3. On the Card order screen, check your delivery address. If you want to change it, contact the customer support. 
  4. Tap Order card to confirm your order. You will see the success message. Tap Back to Dashboard to return to work with the application. 

Note: Usually, it takes about 4 days to deliver a plastic card. When you receive it, you'll need to activate it.

I Can't Order a New Card 

There could be several reasons why your request to order a new card was declined. Please see the most common ones below:

Negative balance

If one of your cards has a negative balance, you’ll need to top it up before you can order a new one.

No activity on your card

If you activated a card, but never used it, you can’t order a new card. Please make sure you have at least one transaction on your current card before ordering a new one.

Insufficent funds in your account

To be able to order a card, you need to have a minimum amount of funds in your account (the exact amount will be displayed in the app). Top up your account and try ordering again. 

Card not activated

If you ordered a card, but never activated it, you won’t be able to order a new card. Please activate or cancel your current card before ordering a new one.

Card not received

If you ordered a card but never received it, you’ll need to reorder it from the delivery screen, which will cancel the previous one automatically.

If you’ve tried the above steps but are still unable to solve your issue, please contact support. 

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