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How do I pay for my price plan?

Payment for the Premium or Elite plans is deducted from your WXT account. You can choose to pay for your 12-month plan monthly or upfront in full. 


If there are insufficient funds in your WXT account, the payment will be taken from another account with a positive balance. In this instance, a handling fee of 25% will apply 

The price for Standard is FREE 

The price for Premium is 9.99 EUR* per month or 102 upfront (annual) 

The price for Elite is 29.99 EUR* per month or 306 upfront (annual)  

*The funds are charged in WXT based on the fiat value on that day. You may see different value in WXT being deducted as your subscription, but this will always equal 9.99 EUR or 29.99 EUR 

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