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How do I transfer cryptocurrency from my Wirex crypto account to an external crypto wallet?

To send cryptocurrency from your Wirex crypto account to an external one, follow the steps below:

  • Select your crypto account you wish to transfer the funds from

  • From the actions list at the bottom select Send.

  • Insert the recipient's wallet address (you can also scan the QR code), memo/destination tag (if required), and tap Continue.
    For currencies that can be transferred via different chains, select the correct network and confirm it. 
    Please make sure you are sending the correct currency via the chain supported by the recipient's wallet.

  • Confirm all the details by clicking Pay. Use the Back button if you need to amend any information.
    Please note that all crypto transfers are irreversible.

  • You will receive an SMS with the verification code. Enter the code on the Confirmation screen of the app to complete the transaction.
    Never provide your SMS verification code from Wirex to anyone. In case you received an SMS about a transaction you don't recognize, please contact the Support Team immediately.

Some wallets and/or exchanges may not support ERC-20 transfers from Wirex. This happens because we're using smart contracts to send these currencies, not a regular wallet as we're using multi-signature wallets and control the private keys.

Transactions initiated from smart contracts have a different structure of inputs/outputs inside them compared with transfers from simple wallets.
Some wallets and exchanges are not able to read these inputs/outputs and settle the incoming transfer because of their infrastructure settings.
However, administrators of these wallets can manually identify such transactions and perform a force settlement that will reflect in the user’s balance.

Keep in mind there may be different limits for each cryptocurrency. 

NOTE: Depending on how many confirmations the recipient's account requires, the funds may take up to 30-60 minutes to arrive. 

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